How to Grow Your Market and Retain Patients

In today’s physical therapy market, the two things that stand out in a successful business is their great marketing and the long term relationships they build with their patients. More than often your clients will be in need of services more than 1 time in their lifetime. Building a reputation and becoming the “go to” when someone is injured or are in pain, is the lifeblood of any clinic. The more clients you deliver exceptional care to within a community, the more patients you will have in your clinic thanks to the beauty of word-of-mouth marketing. Once a positive reputation is established, it becomes easier to attract patients to your clinic but remaining on their radar post discharge is a challenge for even the most successful clinics. So how do you establish yourself through marketing and retain patient loyalty post discharge?

1. Learn and Execute.

“Content is King, Marketing is Queen, Consistency is Key”
- Dr. Ben Fung, UpDocMedia

First is marketing your services and expertise on the right platforms. Marketing to your community and outside entities is key to building your client base and establishing a reputation. It is also very important to educate your therapy staff on how to market your clinic as well. Your staff must continuously be aware that they are key to creating a strong clinic presence. In a private practice, it is essential that we train our staff in the area of marketing and be upfront that it is a requirement of the position. Often in schooling, marketing is not given enough attention.

“Until you learn marketing then you actually don’t know how to capitalize on all the things you’ve learned in PT school”
- Greg Todd

If you want marketing success without breaking the bank you’ll need to learn new skills and adapt old ones. There are thousands of digital marketing tools and resources on the web that can train you to be a marketing guru but sorting through the clutter can be a headache. Save yourself the trouble and sign up for the free trial of Digital Marketer Lab. They not only have the highest rated training videos suitable for all experience levels, but they cover all the top digital marketing platforms and provide 35 proven marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to bring in new clients. Marketing is fun and with all the resources online, there is no reason to pay expensive consulting fees. Get your digital hands dirty and learn the skills that will separate you from the competition.

2. What can you do for your community?

“The secret for small business to succeed more than they can imagine is other small businesses”
- Garry Vaynerchuk

If Parkinson’s is your clinics specialty, then contact the local chapter or organization and offer assistance or education to that organization. This will help build your reputation in the areas that have people in need of your specialty. Contact Parkinson’s doctors and show them a clinic pathway or protocol your clinic has established and bring proven research and success stories to go along with the information. If you have competition in the area you may need to get creative with this strategy. Offer that small mom and pop shop down the street an irresistible discount on evaluations. Get them in the clinic and let your superb care and expertise do the upselling. Neighboring small businesses are the most underutilized marketing channel. Make sure you hit the pavement and build those relationships before your competition does.

3. Show genuine interest and stay in touch.

“The best kind of marketing is never marketing”
- Unknown

Once you have established a successful marketing funnel, it is important to keep those patients coming back through retargeting. Keeping patients in your clinics radar is very important to creating what I like to call “the connection”. Why you and your clinic? Why should they come back? The connection is where you establish rapport with your clients and build loyalty. It’s similar to your favorite hair stylist, you wouldn’t think of changing! Always remind your clients how important they are to you and the value you provide them. Staying in touch is key to maintaining that connection. There are many ways to stay in touch but the best way is to have a well-established home exercise program and maintenance program upon discharge. This engagement will ensure patients are reminded of the value you provide them. Having a state of the art digital home exercise and training program can go a long way for patient retention especially if it allows you to securely message one another. It’s critical that you use a system that shows off your expertise and enables you to build a bond outside of the clinic. There are many ‘self-treaters’ out there, but by having an easy to use communication platform you can drastically reduce the number of patients that turn to the internet for their answers. Pick software that showcases your skills and why they need your professional assistance. The lightbulb should go on for each client as they use their unique exercise programs and see over and over the corrections your expertise provides to achieve success.

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