Why 1000's of Physical Therapists Are Switching to Mobile Technology (And Maybe You Should Too)

The Mobile Health Apps market exploded in 2016. This massive growth has led to recent study results showing 64% of patients are using digital devices to manage their health. This means that nearly 2/3 of your patients are already using mobile health apps. Physical therapy patients are ready to use their phones as a tool for recovery. Thousands of therapist around the world are answering the call and seeing massive results.

Blossoming Patient Relationships

As the inevitable shift to value based care continues into 2017, patient outcomes become even more important. Doctors believe that the key to better outcomes lies in the patient-provider relationship. Mobile Health Apps help improve patient-provider relationships by creating a more engaging and productive environment outside of the clinic. In physical therapy, mobile health apps can be used to record individualized video exercise instructions of each patient. This not only provides patients with personalized video and audio instructions from their appointment; it grows your relationship as they begin to associate you and your voice with their daily recovery routine. If you really want to go the extra mile to build relationships with patients, some mobile health apps can even be used to send your patients a little inspiration via video selfie.*

Increased Revenue

It is no secret that outpatient physical therapy has a problem with patient retention. A blog post by Strive Labs suggests that 40% of patients drop out of physical therapy before completing their course of care. From a business standpoint, that is 40% of the patient revenue walking right out the front door. Mobile Health Apps to the rescue! Most patients truly want to get better and only need a simple reminder from time to time. With mobile health apps, automating friendly exercise and appointment reminders has never been easier. Lackluster patient retention and lost revenue in physical therapy provide ample opportunity for mobile health apps to have instant impact and “pay for themselves”.

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Monitor Compliance

Home program compliance has direct correlation with successful outcomes, yet most track it with a handwritten log or not at all! We have all had them, those patients that within 5 minutes we already know they haven’t been doing their exercises. Monitoring compliance is the fastest and easiest way to identify which patients may need a little extra motivation. This is where that video selfie comes in handy ;) Mobile Health Apps allow you to reach the patient at a time and place where they are able to take action and reminds them that they are being held accountable. Many mobile health apps also track other key indicators such as pain and satisfaction.

Mobile Health Apps are truly the future of health care and provide a vast array of benefits across all specialties. If you are not a technology guru, have no fear, those days of installations and training manuals are behind us. Many mobile health apps can be downloaded directly to your devices and be ready to use in minutes.

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*In a recent internal survey one Health Snaps user reported having outstanding results with patients they reached out to with “video selfies” however the sample size is too small to draw a correlation.

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