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6 Things PT Patients Want

By Jordan, CEO on May. 11th

What do patients want? This is a question that payers are now asking in the face of an increasing focus on patient outcomes and a growing trend of ‘empowered patients’ demanding more from their physical therapists and, by implication, the industry.

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6 Characteristics of Successful Biz PTs

By Jordan, CEO on April. 28

You’ve put in the long hours and sleepless nights to earn your credentials —and you’ve continued to further your education every day to stay up on new research —but if you want to be among the physical therapist elite, you’ve got to do more than that.

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How to Grow Your Market and Retain Patients

By Laura, COTA, CDP, COO on April. 8

In today’s physical therapy market, the two things that stand out in a successful business is their great marketing and the long term relationships they build with their patients. More than often your clients will be in need of services more than 1 time in their lifetime. Building a reputation and becoming the “go to” when someone is injured or are in pain, is the lifeblood of any clinic.

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3 Shocking Stats That Prove We Must #ChoosePT

By Sean, CIO on March. 31

Opioid Abuse Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the US, with 52,404 lethal drug overdoses in 2015. Opioid addiction is driving this epidemic, with 20,101 overdose deaths related to prescription pain relievers."
The CDC, Center for Disease Control, estimates that 91 people die of an opioid overdose every day in the US. That’s about one person every 15 minutes.

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Simplifying Mobile Health App Security

By Sean, CIO on March. 24

Choosing the right mobile health app to use is important, but how do you validate that your data will be secure? The best way is to ask, but talking to an IT team can be intimidating. They seem to talk in a different language and use so many acronyms it will make your head spin! I’ve outlined and explained some important security topics surrounding HIPAA. My hope is by the end of this, you will be comfortable asking your vendors about their security.

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Why 1000's of Physical Therapists Are Switching to Mobile Technology (And Maybe You Should Too)

By Laura, COTA, CDP, COO on March. 17

The Mobile Health Apps market exploded in 2016. This massive growth has led to recent study results showing 64% of patients are using digital devices to manage their health. This means that nearly 2/3 of your patients are already using mobile health apps. Physical therapy patients are ready to use their phones as a tool for recovery. Thousands of therapist around the world are answering the call and seeing massive results.

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How to become a respected PT when you’re a fresh college grad.

By Laura, COTA, CDP, COO on March. 10

Starting your career is a very exciting time in your life but it can also be a bit scary! 👻 One of the most important things to do when starting a career is to set the tone. Establishing yourself as a respected professional early on will ripple throughout your career. But how do you establish yourself and earn respect when you’re the rookie?

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Patient Engagement: Before, During, and After

By Lisa, PT, DPT on Jan. 4

Patient engagement occurs before, during and after care. Patients need to be engaged in their care prior to their first physical therapy appointment. Patient engagement starts when the patient goes to the doctor looking for solutions to a problem that they are having. The doctor may then recommend physical therapy and the patient may not have any prior experience with attending physical therapy.

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Becoming a Trusted Member of Your Patients Personal Health Care Team

By Catherine, PT, DPT on Dec. 18

Janice loved her job as the lead Physical Therapist at Joy’s Rehab Facility.  She had worked there for several years now and always enjoyed the role of training new staff. One morning she asked her team to meet before the therapy room filled with patients.

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HEP: Out of sight, Out of Mind

By Catherine, PT, DPT on Dec. 12

In the world of therapy, it is just as important to set up cues to help a client continue strengthening and endurance techniques outside of the clinical setting.  How do you encourage such recall in this busy world we live in?  Could it be as simple as connecting therapy exercises to cues that are heavily present in our daily environment.

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Secrets to an Effective HEP

By Lisa, PT, DPT on Dec. 4

Imagine a world where all patients did exactly what their physical therapist recommended. What would the result be? What would the patients’ health outcomes be?

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Myths of Healthcare Technology

By Lisa, PT, DPT on Nov. 22

The use of technology in healthcare today is increasing at a rapid rate but it may not be increasing as fast as it could be. For years patients have been able to search their condition online and get information regarding their condition, however, this information may not always be correct...

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Patient Engagement 101

By Lisa, PT, DPT on Nov. 15

Patient engagement can mean a lot of different things to different people. It means one thing to the healthcare provider and it means one thing to the patient. It may mean something else to the patient’s family or it may mean something else to the head of your organization. Healthcare is changing and with change means new ideas and new ways of providing care to our patients...

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5 Keys To Patient Engagement

By Lisa, PT, DPT on Nov. 8

Did you know that nearly 75% of healthcare executives rate patient engagement as one of the top three areas of impact on their organization? It’s easy to see why patient engagement has become such a big area of focus. Hospitals and clinics that have strong patient engagement strategies have happier, healthier patients and have better financial and operational efficiency...